Work With Me


Dear Clients,

Feel free to write me an email with information pertaining to your request. For weddings it is helpful to know the date of the ceremony and the location. I will respond with my availability and we can go from there. Looking forward to working with you.

-Layne Sizemore


8 thoughts on “Work With Me

  1. jacquie says:

    I like your photos…I love the guy on the wall!
    Nice to meet you at the RAG last week,
    Happy days~

  2. Eliot Garner says:

    Whatsup Cuzz.. Your photography blew me away. Nice stuff. Keep up the good work and happy Holidays

  3. hey there friend!

    you’ve a wonderful blog

    i also have a blog myself, a music blog in fact

    and because of this, we should link up and put links to each others’ blogs

    ya know, ‘cus we’re super best friends


  4. Aunt Cathy says:

    Hey Layne,
    Was looking on-line for Laurel Springs Nursery, Laurel Springs, NC and scrolled down to find your entry in the lists of Laurel Springs, etc. Loved the pictures of your dad. Tom and I are in Asheville and just been to the Biltmore for the Christmas tour. Beautiful! I buy my Christmas garland and wreaths from Laurel Springs. Hope to see you and your family at Grandma’s birthday on or around Dec.23rd. Will have to check with the rest of the family to see which is a better date for them. Love, Aunt Cathy

  5. Tracy Johnson says:

    Hello, could I get a price list for weddings please? Thank you!

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